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Find Solace Outside: Meditations Led by Rabbi Katy Allen

These are challenging times. The barrage of bad news may make you anxious. The growing threats to our planet, health, family, friends, neighbors and legal system are scary. It’s hard to trust our leaders and our sources of information. The world seems to be spinning and many of us want the ride to stop; or, at […]

February 1st

Guardians Of This Refuge: Tarkovsky, Nerval, And Our Personal “Gods”

Not long after I saw Andrei Tarkovsky’s mesmerizing Stalker last year, I read Aurélia, Gérard de Nerval’s “memoir of his madness” (madness meant literally). At the time, I didn’t make any connection between the two. It took a chance revisiting of Nerval’s story, after recently writing about Tarkovsky’s film, to realize their uncanny similarities. Nerval […]

February 25th

Vermont Living Recalls the Time of Goblins and Gods

About a year ago, in Boston, I first saw Stalker, Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1979 film about a small expedition into the mysterious “Zone,” led by the title character, “the Stalker.” The remoteness and lush greenery (if a film has a primary color, Stalker‘s might be “forest green”) of the film’s “Zone” provided a sharp contrast to […]

February 17th

JERUSALEM 3D Imax Movie Premiering Soon!

Sacred to more than half of Earth’s population, Jerusalem has been fought over more than any other place in history. It has been conquered and destroyed, rebuilt, and reinvented repeatedly for over 5,000 years. Now, for the first time in over 25 years, filming has been allowed to capture the glory of Jerusalem, the most […]

February 14th

Dušan Makavejev’s Dreams of Butterflies

When Dušan Makavejev premiered Sweet Movie in 1974, it raised more than a few eyebrows. Taking a different tack from his previous release, Makavejev upped the ante in almost every possible way – in humor, in radicalism, and especially in shock value. This is saying quite a lot, because by all accounts Makavejev’s previous release, […]

January 2nd

This Storm Video Will Blow You Away

Today, the worst storm in five years in hitting California. Fifty thousand residents of are without power, schools in San Francisco are cancelled, and as much as 8 inches of rain could fall on coastal mountains over a 24-hour period. While mudslides, flooding, and power outages are no fun, most Californians agree that the rain […]

December 11th

What Is Religious Enlightenment?

Envisioning a world “empowered by reason, compassion, justice, and love,” the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County, Wisconsin, is a shining example of religious enlightenment. They are helping to bring unity to the world through purposeful activities, guided by this enlightened vision. Because we’ve seen so many religious/spiritual groups truly exemplifying religious enlightenment, we’re starting […]

October 20th