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Find Freedom in Hakim Bey’s “Temporary Autonomous Zone”

In a 1991 essay, Hakim Bey laid the groundwork for “The Temporary Autonomous Zone,” a philosophy-cum-tactic for liberation from the dominant order. Bey purposefully leaves the TAZ undefined, opting rather to illuminate some of its primary characteristics: freedom from the state (chiefly), mobility, “psychotopology,” festal culture, immediacy, horizontal communication for both practical and desirable purposes, […]

July 1st

Rumi: “Behind The Beauty Of The Moon Is The MoonMaker”

Rumi’s eloquent relationship with the natural environment is his signature — his elegantly simple expressions reflect appreciation for both Creation and Creator. And there are so many lessons about both to be learned from this beloved Islamic Scholar, Sufi Master, and brilliantly shining star of timeless poetry: “Is the sweetness of the cane sweeter Than […]

June 25th

Buddhists Confront Fukushima in “Lotus in the Nuclear Sea”

The negative environmental and health effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster are well known. But the fallout has caused a spiritual crisis as well. In Lotus in the Nuclear Sea: Fukushima and the Promise of Buddhism in the Nuclear Age, Buddhists and others confront their grief and acknowledge the inherent danger of nuclear energy. As a student of […]

June 24th

James Joyce Fans Celebrate Bloomsday

Every year on June 16th, admirers of James Joyce’s Ulysses celebrate Bloomsday, named after the book’s main character, Leopold Bloom. The day’s activities vary with its participants, and can include reading the book, reliving its events (mostly experienced through Bloom’s peregrinations throughout Dublin on that day in 1904), or any combination of the two. These […]

June 16th

Persian Poet Hafiz Finds Spirituality in Nature

By chance, while thinking about my last post, I picked up an intriguing old book, Anthology of Islamic Literature, from 1964. I leafed through the watermarked pages and happened to stop at the section on the Persian poet Hafiz (Wikipedia spells it “Hafez,” but we’ll go with the book here, for consistency’s sake), which turned out […]

June 9th

Nature and Us: Discussion of Robert Wilson’s Philosophy

In 1986, Robert Anton Wilson, the great writer/mystic behind Prometheus Rising and The Illuminatus! Trilogy, wrote the introduction to Christopher Hyatt’s Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation and Other Devices. One of the most attractive factors in Wilson’s work arises from the great number of sources he draws on and the corresponding ideas and innovations they […]

June 3rd

David Page, the Founder of a New Environmentalism

How can we save the environment? It’s a question many of us ask, and some of us answer with new policies and products. But for David Page, the author of Godless Environmentalism and a major inspiration for EdenKeeper, both the question and the answer are not quite so simple. Since his days hiking the Rocky Mountains in […]

May 14th