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Audubon and His “Birds of America”

Last weekend I took a trip to see the James John Audubon exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. As I entered the gallery filled with Audubon’s drawings, I was struck by a feeling of connectedness to the natural world. In his Birds of America (1827-1839), it is as if Audubon is extending Quaker beliefs of […]

April 8th

Waves in the Woods: Orly Genger at The deCordova

Last Saturday, a group of friends gathered at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum to celebrate a birthday and our friendship of more than twenty years. We also came to see Orly Genger’s installation, Red, Yellow, and Blue, a monumental work comprised of one million feet of rope and 3,500 gallons of paint. The hand-knotted, paint-covered rope, […]

March 24th

Einar Oberg Creates Fun in a Post-Apocalyptic World

We often fear that a post-apocalyptic world would be ruled by scary demons breathing fire. Just think of James Franco and Seth Rogan in This is the End  battling fire breathing monsters. But in Einar Oberg’s new Urban Jungle Street View map, nature would rule our post-apocalyptic world. The program functions the same as Google Street View: enter […]

March 21st

New Noah’s Ark Offers a New World of Sustainability

We all know the story of Noah and his Ark. God was mad at the decadence and waste of humans and decided to flood the earth to wash everything clean. He warned Noah of the impending storm and ordered him to build an ark that would keep Noah, his family, and two of every animal […]

March 19th

Wind as a Source of Inspiration

It’s hard to know how to feel about the wind. Sometimes it’s annoying — blowing papers out of your hands and hair in your face. Sometimes it can be cool or even calming as it rustles through the trees. Perhaps wind is here to remind us that nature is ever changing; it can be harsh […]

March 7th

Cleaning Houses of Worship Is a Source of Inspiration

The next time you’re at church, temple, or any house of worship, look around. Who picks up the used programs and tissues left on the seats? Who sweeps the hallways and takes out the trash? How do the cloths get washed, the cups cleaned, the decor dusted? We don’t have a team of holy elves […]

March 3rd

Amy Livingstone’s Inspirational Art Connects Our Spirits to the Earth

Amy Livingstone of Sacred Art Studio in Portland creates bright and colorful paintings that illustrate the connection between the spirit and the earth. From the powerful blue lines of her Buddha’s face, to the symbolic Lovers of Creation triptych, her work instills in the viewer a sense of peace — a sense that we’re not […]

February 18th