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Thailand Spiritual Activist Faces Royal Insult Charge

Prominent social, environmental, and spiritual activist Sulak Sivaraksa has been accused of ‘insulting’ a past king of Thailand. In late October, two retired army officers filed a complaint against Sulak, 82, over remarks he made at a seminar on Oct. 12 that included comments about King Naresuan, a national hero who died in 1605. Thailand […]

November 17th

Unitarian Universalist Green Sanctuary: A Model of Environmental Stewardship

While many faith communities find it a challenge to “green up” their congregations, one community has successfully developed a model program combining spiritual outreach with environmental advocacy. Unitarian Universalists (UU), a progressive interfaith theological movement, has created the Green Sanctuary Program, and it is helping to guide their congregations in becoming environmental advocates for the […]

October 21st

Anglican Church in Calgary Goes Green

We’ve reported on the good work churches from Berkeley, California to Raleigh, North Carolina have been doing for the environment. The Anglican Church of Canada has also been a strong advocate for the environment since the early 1990s. Their commitment is based on their “marks of mission,” or guidelines, that the church must strive to […]

August 18th

The Buddhist Ecological Movement

In Buddhism we see no real direct reference to environmental concerns or damage in the teachings. This can lead to feelings that Buddhism is not really interested in environmental issues, as Buddhism has espoused non-action and no attachment to this world. People have misunderstood this to mean a lack of interest in the environment. This […]

July 9th

Aboriginal Spirituality and the Oil Sands

Every day more people wade into the discussion for and against the oil sands development in Alberta, Canada. While the debate rages about the economic, social, and environmental outcomes, one piece is missing from the media and larger social discussion. How do the oil sands affect the local aboriginal spirituality? As aboriginal reservations and settlements […]

June 18th

Vietnam’s Hope: Young Enviromentalists

Vietnam’s environmental problems have only increased since its many wars from 1955 to 1975. The herbicide Agent Orange, spread by American forces, destroyed five million acres of  lands and forests and half a million acres of crops. The chemical did not degrade and is still found in groundwater. The industrial and population growth, coupled with climate […]

June 4th