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Schubert and Creating a New Nature Zeitgeist

Last month a rare getaway to Lenox, Mass. offered up an unanticipated evening pleasure — a “Schubert Soiree” in the beautiful, Lenox Trinity stone church. The power of Schubert’s bold compositions took ownership of the chapel. Like other 19th-century romantic composers, Franz Schubert’s imagination was not merely captured by nature, but possessed by it. Schubert’s […]

September 15th

Yosemite Dazzle: In Praise of Calibrated Curves

This past May, my initiating experience to Yosemite began on its beribboned mountain roads, in perched observation from the frame of a car’s window. With the unfolding visual, circumscribed neither by flies or noise, whole circuits of my brain melded away. My brain, grateful for the stream of stunning images flooding in, eventually let cognition […]

July 11th

Audubon and His “Birds of America”

Last weekend I took a trip to see the James John Audubon exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. As I entered the gallery filled with Audubon’s drawings, I was struck by a feeling of connectedness to the natural world. In his Birds of America (1827-1839), it is as if Audubon is extending Quaker beliefs of […]

April 8th

Waves in the Woods: Orly Genger at The deCordova

Last Saturday, a group of friends gathered at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum to celebrate a birthday and our friendship of more than twenty years. We also came to see Orly Genger’s installation, Red, Yellow, and Blue, a monumental work comprised of one million feet of rope and 3,500 gallons of paint. The hand-knotted, paint-covered rope, […]

March 24th

Silly Dogs and Sea Serenity

Places of worship are quiet places. That is, of course, they’re quiet once the crowd has departed, the organ has been silenced, and the cleaning crew has finished. Beaches on a winter’s day can be that way, too. But not today at Singing Beach, a short drive from my home outside Boston. Here the dogs […]

March 3rd

A Moon Walk on a Winter Night

I read EdenKeeper’s article on Ma’yan Tikvah and Rabbi Allen’s nature chaplaincy and was curious. What did it mean to do your worshipping outdoors? I’ve always felt my best walking, with the sky above. I am an outdoor girl, definitely. Nature chaplaincy sounded like the experience for me. So, Sunday night I decided to meet […]

February 20th