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Life After Death Gets Real: The Bios Urn

  Most of us have probably at least given some thought to the notion of life after death, and if you’ve ever participated in a religious tradition, you’ve also got a narrative for what that might look like. Nature, on the other hand, works on a more literal version of this concept: waste, whether in […]

February 26th

The Congregational Energy Audit: Getting Ready For Audit Day!

Once your congregation has decided to audit its energy use to find to find cost savings and lighten its environmental impacts, you’ll need to start preparing for the actual audit itself. First, you’ll need to find a professional auditor with the right experience and equipment to assess your campus’ energy use and potential savings. Check […]

Does Your Congregation Need An Energy Audit?

How much energy does your congregation – whether church, mosque, temple, or other – use in a month? If you’ve got members interested in environmental issues, you may already have someone, or a committee, tracking your electricity and gas consumption, and making suggestions for ways to better manage these resources. If you don’t have such […]