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Is Climate Change Denial A Sin?

  As I noted yesterday, it’s not a stretch to argue that climate change is a human rights issue, and, by extension, a moral issue. Extreme weather, droughts, floods, and other consequences of a warming atmosphere impact real people, often the world’s poorest.  And those of us in the developed world – or, the world’s richest […]

Proposed Birth Control Laws Undermine Iranian Leader’s Environmental Message

  When Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, spoke on environmental issues this past weekend, he singled out human responsibility as the main cause of imbalance in ecological systems. So I was a bit mystified when I saw that Iran’s parliament was considering two laws that not only banned numerous family planning methods, but also legalized discrimination […]

Pope Inspires San Diego Church To Go Solar

As we’ve noted several time, Pope Francis has made environmental concerns a central part of his own ministry. We expect numerous statements on climate change this year, including an encyclical (a major policy statement from the Vatican), and a speech to the United Nations. That’s great news for the international conversation about addressing environmental challenges, […]

Supreme Leader Of Iran Calls For Attention To Environmental Challenges

  The idea of a religious leader promoting environmental protection generally doesn’t strike us as odd: Pope Francis does this pretty regularly, as do a number of other leaders from different faith traditions. But when we Americans hear the phrase “the Supreme Leader of Iran,” we’ve been conditioned to expect something scary. Politics aside, though, Ayatollah […]