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Aleta Baun Protects Her Timor Indonesian Homeland

Global activities related to climate change are often portrayed in the media as the diplomatic pursuits of international politicians at high-level UN meetings, wrangling with big business, and blowing expensive budgets. But some of the best environmental activism happens in places often overlooked by the media. Environmental heroes exist everywhere, and they can be found […]

December 9th

Harvard Divinity School Hosts Spiritual Sustainability Conference

Always on the cutting edge of knowledge and innovation, Harvard is among the foremost universities in the world. Harvard’s top-notch schools, programs, initiatives, and conferences are constantly adopting and showcasing new ideas and plans. Harvard Divinity School (HDS) recently hosted a particularly enlightening conference focusing on climate change, protecting the environment, and the role of […]

December 2nd

Fair Trade Coffee From Uganda Interfaith Co-op

Fair trade businesses, offering everything from agriculture to jewelry, offer many fine examples of great ideas bringing great people together. Organizing worker cooperatives through a fair trade business model is both refreshingly ethical and economically smart. Fair trade company owners use their business savvy to pay workers based more closely to the actual retail value […]

November 25th

Hawaii Yoga Festival Restores the Soul’s Ecology

Combining nature, spirituality, traditions, and community for a time of transformation and renewal, the Hawaii Yoga Festival feels like a tropical paradise. Located in Pahoa, Hawaii, this total-immersion festival takes place over 8 days, bringing teachers and students together at the state’s largest retreat center. The opening celebration of this year’s second annual festival took […]

November 18th

Native American Sweat Lodges Connect With Mother Earth

Holistic activities promoting good health and peace of mind are becoming more popular as people seek to relieve stress and reconnect with the natural world. As with yoga and meditation, the ages-old Native American¬†practice of using a sweat lodge can be a useful therapy for mind, body, and soul, too. Conducted properly and safely, the […]

November 11th

Celebrating Trees From Roots to Leaves

The changing colors of leaves on the trees signal the arrival, once again, of autumn. Both the cycle of life and the continuum of nature are stunningly displayed at this beautiful time of year. When leaves turn brilliant shades of red, yellow, and orange, they create vivid landscapes, lighting up the scenery. The U.S. New […]

November 5th

Canada Pipeline Expansion Meets Resistance From Tribes

A proposed expansion to the Trans Mountain pipeline has been met with resistance from many citizens of Canada. Indigenous tribes are especially opposed, not only because it will affect their lands, but also because they feel a strong spiritual responsibility to protect the environment. The proposed new routes will run through nine aboriginal reserves, with […]

October 28th