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Sacred Herbs Offer Holistic Healing

Successful solutions that have been used throughout human history often make a comeback for solving modern problems. In recent years, holistic forms of medicine have entered the mainstream of modern life. One such holistic method making a comeback is herbal medicines. With roots in ecology and spirituality, herbal therapies have historically been used for both […]

January 28th

Pope Francis Inspires Record 6 Million in the Philippines

Continuing to win hearts around the world, Pope Francis is blazing a record-breaking trail to peace. The leader of the Vatican is successfully bringing people together from diverse backgrounds, working for peace, faith, and a fix for climate change. In the realm of environmentalism, Pope Francis has really energized people, raising awareness and encouraging people […]

January 21st

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Transforming the Environment

Mindfulness is a word that became popular last year. Its meaning is to be non-judgementally present in the moment. Everyone from Oprah to Kobe Bryant is mentioning this practice in the media. The principle of mindfulness is being applied to all areas of life, including dealing with challenging situations at work, healthcare, and even urgent […]

January 14th

Stanford’s Rev Jane Shaw Building Bridges for Climate Change Action

When faith, intellect, and culture come together, it can be a powerful combination for effective action. People from various backgrounds unite, share ideas, and work together on issues that are important to them. At Stanford University, these three pillars of power are uniting a younger generation these days, particularly regarding faith-based activity. Many people are […]

January 7th

The Spiritual Value of Montana Wilderness

The wilderness of Montana is vast and majestic, and spiritually satisfying to the soul. The lofty mountains, rushing rivers, sparkling lakes, and emerald forests are beautiful to behold. Perfect for exploring on foot, Montana offers landscapes that photographers love to capture and are often featured in outdoor magazines. Thanks to effective environmental laws, this wilderness […]

December 31st

Pope Francis to Open Vatican Farm in 2015

In 2014, Pope Francis has stood up for climate action and environmental reform, inspired a shift in United States-Cuba policy, and fought antiquated Catholic doctrines and policies. To many Catholics and non-Catholics he is a force, a hero, a badly needed voice for change. And next year promises even more as he opens the Vatican’s farm to […]

December 23rd

Buddhist Monks Teach “Children of Flowers”

In the midst of rapid economic development, industrialization has created an unprecedented amount of pollution. Nowhere is this more evident than in China. However, the good news is that there has been increasing interest in sustainability and environmental action in China lately. Although images of Chinese people wearing masks for protection from smog are common, […]

December 17th