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Moderation, a Green Virtue

The human race consumes natural resources faster than the earth can regenerate them. We cut down too many forests, pull too many fish from the sea, and pump more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the earth’s biomass can absorb. We’re running at a deficit, and sticking future generations with the bill. The planet seems […]

February 12th

The Amazon’s Perilous Future in Peru

The future of Peru’s Amazon lies in the struggle between two very different views of the forest – one materialistic and short term, the other spiritual with an eye for future generations. The outcome is anything but certain. The ancient forest covers vast reserves of oil, gas, minerals and gold. International extraction companies, drug cartels, […]

February 4th

Quotes From Popes on the Environment

The papacy has long been a platform for environmentalism. Pope Francis’ recent denunciation of environmental degradation in an address to the Diplomatic Corps marks a welcome continuation of this trend. Looking back through the years, the message has stayed consistent. The earth was given to humans, Christian doctrine asserts, so it is our responsibility to […]

January 15th

Quinoa: A Sacred Grain

To the Inca it was the mother grain. To Americans it’s a superfood. Quinoa in the last decade has seen a worldwide resurgence popping up in whole food stores, on restaurant menus, and dinner tables across the world. But what does this resurgence mean to the Andean communities where this plant grows? How does the […]

January 8th

Playing God? The Morality Behind the GMO Debate

by Brian Liberatore The perils of playing God have weighed on humanity’s conscience  for millennia – from Icarus’s fateful flight to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  But hubris is seldom a straight-forward moral issue.  And the faster science races forward, the more complicated these issues grow.  Few have sparked so much controversy among environmentalists as the question […]

December 13th

Mining Shakes Peruvian Farmers

by Brian Liberatore Men in dark red ponchos and women with children tied to their backs crowded into an adobe room off the main square in the tiny Peruvian village of La Jalca. The room was packed and tense.  The handful of men from the Ministry of Energy and Mines at the front of the […]

December 4th