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Can Science and Religion Be Friends?

It comes as no surprise that the earliest pioneers of science were also men of faith. Religion was far more central to society in general and was the predominant sponsor of academic institutions during the time of Copernicus, Bacon, and Kepler. Galileo, known in popular culture as a rebel against church authority, actually held the […]

December 16th

Native American Traditions Affirm Kinship With Nature

While Native American traditions reflect each tribe’s specific geographical roots, and unique spiritual vision, certain themes are widespread among them. Kinship with the environment is a sacred and unifying force, binding humankind in the Native American view. “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do […]

November 3rd

Yoga Prescription for What Ails the Earth

Many from the world of science struggle with the technological challenges of halting the ongoing degradation of the environment. Those in the realms of government and public policy seek to find the political will to clean and protect natural resources and curb emissions that threaten the global climate. From religious leaders come the concepts of […]

October 13th

Amazon Finds a Hero in Presidential Hopeful, Marina Silva

The rainforests of the Amazon are in danger. Countries throughout South America are prioritizing other resources (minerals, agricultural land, etc.) above the health of this critically important global ecosystem. But one heroine has risen in Brazil to defend the Amazon. Similar to Joan of Arc, the young, French peasant girl whose visions inspired her to defend […]

September 17th

Nature as a Door to Spirit

Many articles on EdenKeeper elucidate principles found in a wide spectrum of spiritual philosophies supporting reverence and care for the natural environment. What may not be as clear is the role that the natural environment can play in awakening an individual to the all-pervasive presence of spirit. Relentless urban living affects the ability to connect […]

August 28th

Kabbalah Reveals a Holy Quest to Repair the World

How can Kabbalah, the system of mystical interpretation of Jewish scripture with roots in the 13th century, have a bearing on modern-day environmentalism? In the Kabbalistic view, God’s very act of creation has resulted in placing a sacred obligation on man to make right what is askew in the world. This obligation doesn’t just play out […]

July 21st

Consumption’s Effects on the Spirit

The threat to the environment of over-consumption, from wasting water resources to pouring dirty-burning fuel into over-sized automobiles, is well documented if not very well heeded. A self-centered world view is a common pitfall of human nature that even appealing to concern for one’s children and grandchildren can fail to refocus. Egocentric behavior is likely […]

July 15th

A Hindu Perspective on Respecting Mother Nature

Like the western idea of “Mother Nature”, the Hindu concept of Divine Mother takes both beneficent and destructive forms. In the Hindu pantheon, the feminine aspect of God ranges from the goddesses Lakshmi and Parvati– incarnations of beauty, bestowers of wealth and harmony — to Durga and Kali, powerful warrior-protectors replete with weaponry and for […]

June 16th