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For Muslims Water Is More Than a Life Necessity

We live in an increasingly thirsty world. Droughts are prevalent, water is contaminated, and populations are increasing. But Islam — a religion originating in a desert country where water sources have always been scarce — manages not only to promotes water rights, but to quench the thirst of Muslims in dry regions like Saudi Arabia. What Does the Quran […]

June 9th

The Donkey: Egypt’s Green Machine

Possibly the “greenest” animal on Earth, the humble donkey has enjoyed a very long residence in Egypt, where it is believed that donkeys were first domesticated around 3,000 BCE. A five thousand year history of supporting humans in their daily endeavors is strong testimony to their sustainability, as well as the sustainability practices of Egyptians. […]

June 5th

Islam and Water Rights in Egypt Today

…With the arrival of Islam and the Holy Scriptures, the Shariah evolved into a more comprehensive set of rules for the entire life of the believer. Water, likewise, received more detailed attention to guide the Muslim community to a more fair and equal distribution system…

May 31st