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Enacting Utopia With A Fourierist Banquet

  Yet the earth is in violent upheaval with the need to create. This can be seen from the frequent appearances of the aurora borealis, which are a symptom of the planet’s being in rut, a useless effusion of creative fluid, which cannot conjoin with the southern fluid as long as the human race has […]

March 30th

We Need a Map: Navigation, Travel, and World-Making

  Lately, in the house, we’ve found a number of maps. In the attic, my girlfriend found a series of old framed ones, in another language, depicting lands with names we have yet to decipher. Lying nearby, we saw some educational maps, also old, but somewhat more recent; in an endearingly dated way, they refer […]

March 20th

Vermont Living Recalls the Time of Goblins and Gods

About a year ago, in Boston, I first saw Stalker, Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1979 film about a small expedition into the mysterious “Zone,” led by the title character, “the Stalker.” The remoteness and lush greenery (if a film has a primary color, Stalker‘s might be “forest green”) of the film’s “Zone” provided a sharp contrast to […]

February 17th

The Age of Sabots in 15th Century Netherlands

In terms of cleaning up an old house and making it livable at the same time, I’ve so far mentioned items either directly useful, like chairs to sit in, or ritualistically useful, like a historical tea set. But other found objects fit less obviously into the spheres of use. In fact, with the advances in […]

February 3rd

Psychogeographic Shintoism With a Cup of Tea

We came across an ornate Japanese tea set some time ago last year, while excavating the old house. It is likely from the early 20th century. We generally drink tea, for lack of a better word, “haphazardly” – at random times, and from whatever mug is sitting on the front of the cupboard shelf. So […]

January 27th

Finding Jewish Tikkun at Home

Together with my girlfriend, I’ve been living for a little while now in the house in which I grew up. We’ve been cleaning it up, sorting through its contents, and trying to make it into an enjoyable habitat all at the same time. In the almost 200 years of its existence, the house has accumulated […]

January 13th