Would Jesus Vote for Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders (Photo by Alex Hanson available on Flickr)

Seeing #FeeltheBern all day on Facebook and Twitter may give you heart-bern. But it’s hard not to like Bernie Sanders. His populist message taps into the anger many Americans feel toward our pay-to-play political structure. His call for universal health care and free college tuition is simply a call for Americans to be healthier, smarter, and more competitive worldwide.

I was particularly happy to hear him stress that “religious people” have a moral obligation to fight climate change at a prayer breakfast in Columbia, South Carolina recently.

“As religious people, we have got to receive and understand that we do not have the right to destroy God’s earth,” he said. “I have talked to scientists all over the country, all over the world. And what they say is if we do not get our act together and do it in a very short period of time, by the end of this century, this planet will be 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer.”

This isn’t the first time Sanders has tried to appeal to evangelical Christian voters by making the comparison between religious tenants and his platform. At an early democratic presidential debate, he referenced Pope Francis’s environmental encyclical when asked how he would tackle climate change. He said taking climate action is a “moral issue.”

Sanders moral fight for the planet makes evangelical candidates like Ted Cruz appear even more misguided. Cruz has fought President Obama’s policies to fight climate change and limit emissions from coal power plants. Apparently, Cruz believes it’s his Christian duty to sit back while poor and marginalized communities continue to have their air polluted with coal dust and their water polluted with coal ash.

You may not agree with everything Sanders says, but if Jesus were voting, I think he would pick the Jew over a Christian like Cruz.

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I'm an organic-eating, energy-saving naturalist who composts and tree hugs in her spare time. I have a background in environmental law, lobbying, and field work. I believe in God; however, I do not call myself a Christian or a Jew or a member of any religion. I am merely someone who finds a spiritual connection to all humans and the environment. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and .