Unity Church-Unitarian In St. Paul Now Has An Electric Car Charging Station

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One great innovation gaining popularity in recent years is electric cars. Vehicles that use less or alternative forms of fuel are on the rise, and are becoming more affordable and mainstream. I think it is such a cool concept to be able to plug in your car and then cruise off. One place that is now a monolith electric car charging station is a church in Minnesota. Unity Church-Unitarian in St. Paul provides a public stop for drivers to stop and get charged, and at a much faster rate. This is terrific not only for the congregation, but for the Twin Cities, as it provides an asset for cleaner transportation.

A Congregation for a Greener Future

Electric cars are a part of the future as renewal energy gains traction. The industries are rapidly growing, and vehicles that run on greener fuel are in demand. One issue getting them on the road is a lack of places to charge. With more stations popping up, it is helping drivers and cities become more energy efficient. Along with this church in St. Paul, the area now has several brand new spots to charge up. It is a smart addition for the region, enabling more people to easily power their vehicle.

And it is a really forward-thinking move for this ministry. Unity Church-Unitarian is known for being socially and environmentally conscious. The church does a lot of good work in St. Paul, and is inclusive, engaging with members young and old. It aims to be progressive and inspiring, in line with the beliefs of Universal Unitarianism. One of them is the respect for interdependence of life. Part of what members try to do is live in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Their activities reflect a strong spiritual calling to justice and compassion for all. This monolith station is the latest example. Now, when people go to church, they can also charge their cars.

It is also much faster, with the process taking around 30 minutes, as opposed to hours. Dale Howey, a member of the church said, “This is part of the church’s mission, to honor the web of existence, and to walk softly on the Earth.” He helped get the station installed. Customers pay $3-$5 to charge their car battery, and then they are on their way. This is a great asset that helps Minnesota drivers in both gas and heat. Keeping the car warm in a Midwest winter uses more energy, and a fast charger saves valuable time. Plug in your car and grab coffee or a bite to eat, read a magazine, then you are ready to go.

A Path of Spirituality and Energy Efficiency

It may be just a matter of time before more churches and places of worship install stations to charge car batteries. Some already are in the country. This is a shift towards more efficient energy resources and giving people more access so they can power up. Unity Church-Unitarian does their part to promote environmentally friendly living in the Twin Cities. Barbara Hubbard, the executive director at Unity Church-Unitarian said, “A stated value of the church is supporting the use of resources in a way that will create a sustainable world.”

If you are ever in the St. Paul area, you can stop by this church for a service, or charge your electric vehicle. The values of the congregation are strong, relevant to a changing landscape, and their initiatives serve a good purpose. The city is providing fuel for a new age, with a ministry that makes everyone feel welcome.

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