SunPower Makes It Easy to Go Solar

We’ve seen a recent push among various houses of worship to go solar. But the benefits of solar shouldn’t be limited to churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples. People of faith should take the values of stewardship and interconnectedness home with them — they should generate their own emission-free solar power, reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, and lower their family’s overall carbon footprint.

Now it’s easy for homeowners to go solar with the numeorus benefits and incentives SunPower provides.

SunPower panels are the most-efficient solar panels on the market, which means that you can go solar even if you have limited usable space on your roof. It also means that, when compared with systems using conventional panels, SunPower systems generate more power — and more savings — over the life of the system. And SunPower’s Maxeon ® solar panels are fundamentally different from cells used in cenventional solar panels, resulting in superior performance, reliability, quality, and aethetics.

As many houses of worship have found, going solar can also be good for the coffers. While a home solar power system may deliver significance savings on your utility bills and act as a hedge on rising utility rates, studies have also shown that a solar power system may increase the value of your home. In addition, you may be eligible for a 30% federal Investment Tax Credit, as well as state and local incentives like net energy metering programs that allow homeowners to receive financial credit for the excess energy they export to the grid.

Some homeowners may be concerned about the expense of installing solar panels — we’ve seen houses of worship struggle with finding a way to cheaply put solar panels on their roofs. But SunPower is here to help homeowners. Home solar systems can be purchased outright or through a loan, and lease programs are also available. The affordability of home solar systems is helping more and more Americans make the move every day.

And SunPower is also offering an incredible special bonus to one lucky winner. If you own a solar-suitable home in California, New York, Hawaii, Arizona, or Colorado, you could win a complete SunPower solar system. Yes, SunPower is giving homeowners the chance to go solar for free! All you have to do is enter SunPower’s solar sweepstakes to win access to the highest-efficiency solar panels available (a $16,500 value). Check out the sweepstakes’ frequently asked questions page here for rules and end date.

The practice of stewardship and inconnectedness shouldn’t be limited to houses of worship. Like all religious messages, congregants should incorporate the values they practice on Saturdays on Sundays, every day at home. And with the benefits of SunPower’s solar panels, as well as the numerous economic incentives, it’s a good time to make the move to go solar. Consider it a way of giving a gift to Creation this holiday season.

To learn more, check out SunPower’s Community page, where owners and experts answer your burning solar questions. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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