Hawaii Yoga Festival Restores the Soul’s Ecology

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Combining nature, spirituality, traditions, and community for a time of transformation and renewal, the Hawaii Yoga Festival feels like a tropical paradise. Located in Pahoa, Hawaii, this total-immersion festival takes place over 8 days, bringing teachers and students together at the state’s largest retreat center.

The opening celebration of this year’s second annual festival took place last week at Green Lake, one of the many sacred sites of Hawaii. Immersed in the richness and beauty of Hawaii, the land, culture, and traditions intertwine to create a multitude of enriching and unforgettable experiences. The gorgeous island state serves as the perfect venue for restoring ecological balance to the soul with its white sandy beaches, lush tropical landscapes, and warm, sunny climate.

Harmony of Heaven and Earth

Hosted by Kalani, this non-profit organization aims to share the culture and wellness of the state with people from all walks of life. The name “Kalani Honua” means “harmony of heaven and earth.” It is a fitting title as this charitable group embodies the spirit of aloha, or welcome, serving as a yoga and retreat center where all can experience the state’s harmony of nature, spiritual wellness, and welcoming culture.

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The Hawaii Yoga Festival incorporates sustainability into their enlightening and educational activities with a warm, grassroots approach. With peaceful accommodations and delicious organic cuisine, the eco-village of Kalani overflows with the colors and vitality of Hawaii, infusing the entire environment with sustaining serenity and beauty.

Blending the Art of Yoga With the Culture of Hawaii

The backdrop of Hawaii and the practice of yoga blend beautifully to create an extraordinary connection for the participants. “There is a tremendous amount of interplay between Hawaiian culture and yoga philosophy,” says festival organizer Drew Delaware of Kalani. “We really wanted to take an approach where everyone has wisdom to share. The focus is about sharing the wisdom we all carry.”

Delaware continues, “Hawaii Island is also known as the ‘Healing Island,’ and ‘Inspiring Island.’ This island is known for being a real power spot. People have really powerful and spiritual experiences here.”

Meditation, Chanting, and Spiritual Kahunas

Inspirational yoga teachers from diverse backgrounds converge to share their passions with others. Yoga festivals are a fast-growing trend all over the world. Participants enjoy a fun, vibrant environment, experience various yoga styles, and gain a deeper insight into holistic healing. The Hawaii Yoga Festival offers daily classes and workshops on yoga, performing arts, and time with gurus for exploring different facets of wellness.

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Alongside opportunities for meditation and chanting, the instructors share their knowledge and gifts for spiritual exploration. Hawaiian spiritual kahunas teach about ancient traditional methods of healing. Attendees also have a chance to explore many sacred sites of Hawaii. The islands have an amazing history of incorporating nature into all aspects of wellness.

An Annual Invitation to Transformation

Kalani is looking forward to many more years of bringing unique, dynamic teachers together to share their practice of yoga with participants from around the world. Celebrating ancient meditation practices, combined with instruction in the sacred healing of the Hawaiian Islands, the Hawaii Yoga Festival is quickly gaining world renown. Hosted annually, Kalani is already planning for next year’s event.

The Hawaiian Islands offer an abundance of enchanting locations filled with serenity, helping people find healing and transformation. The Hawaii Yoga Festival provides a perfect total-immersion experience for this, inviting all to their unique and spiritually nourishing tropical paradise oasis.

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