Pacific Crest Trail Week 1: Approaching the Adventure

Photo by Suzanne Hessler** Editors Note: Over the next couple of months, EdenKeeper will feature the personal journal entries of Suzanne Hessler, an experienced outdoor woman and explorer, as she hikes the Pacific Crest Trail (mostly alone) from the Canadian border to the Mexican border. Follow along on her journey through some of nature’s most treacherous and rewarding landscapes, and let us know how her experiences inspire you to explore Mother Nature.

I haven’t even started the hike and I am already learning to be let down by my own expectations. By my planned calculations I should be 20 miles south of Hart’s Pass by now. What I expect of the hike and what will happen will end up being different. There’s no way to predict the future; nor do I want to.

What do I want out of my hike? I want to be humbled. I want to reconnect. I want to think about everything that has gone wrong and everything that will go wrong in my life. I want to feel at home. I want to learn to be open to people and listen. What do I expect to happen? I expect to be humbled. I expect to fail in one way or another. I expect I will have to be flexible and okay with failure and lost expectations to make it through. I expect to be too tired to reconnect or think about my life. I expect to dislike things I thought I would like and like things I thought I’d hate.

No matter what, it will be a success. No matter what I am lucky to be making an attempt. I am lucky to have people in my life that are willing to help me make it happen. It takes leaving a place to realize how much these people and that place meant to you.

San Francisco already feels like a dream. I had a great time there. I struggled there. I got to live a real life I never thought I’d get to feel of bike commutes, urban pulses, and adventurous friends. And I already kind of miss it.

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About the Author

Suzanne Hessler is a connoisseur of odd jobs and misspent adventures. She can often be found wandering the countryside or hiding from everything in her tiny mid-city apartment. She is currently attempting a long-distance backpacking trip starting at the Canadian Border of the Pacific Crest Trail and heading South. You can find her on Google + and Facebook.