Funny Or Die Presents “Creationist Cosmos”

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We at EdenKeeper have gotten a little frustrated/angry/scared/sad about the popularity creationism seems to be gaining. It baffles us that creationists can’t see the spirituality associated with scientific discovery. It maddens us to see the Bible warped into a textbook. And it deeply concerns us to see the growing number of schools teaching creationism and creationism being publicly debated as a viable science.

So we were very happy to let all those negative emotions go and laugh a little at Funny Or Die’s Creationist Cosmos. Modeled as a spinoff of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos series, Funny Or Die manages to cover in three minutes what took Tyson 13 episodes. And saving time is just one of the benefits of relying on creationism to explain the universe. You also don’t have to use your brain at all — just answer, “God did it.”

Creationist Cosmos probably won’t make Ken Ham or the creationists very happy. But that’s ok. It doesn’t seem like there’s much they like anyway.

So wipe that grimace off your face, sit back, and enjoy!

Creationist Cosmos from Funny Or Die

Story and Photo Source: The American Jesus

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