Enough! Evolution and Climate Science Aren’t Anti-Christian

Photo by Lindsay Waldrop https://flic.kr/p/MpbrpFor some reason many Americans still consider the Bible’s story of Creation a viable scientific theory. The number of schools teaching Creation is growing and Ken Ham and Bill Nye actually debated the science of Creationism a few months ago. The resilience of Creationists is terrifying on so many levels, but as Reverend Michael Dowd recently pointed out, Creationists’ misunderstanding of science has also significantly impeded the U.S.’s chances of adopting climate change policies.

Dowd, a former fundamentalist and author of the bestselling book Thank God for Evolutionhas preached the truth about climate change as part of the eight-month, cross-country “Climate March.” He sharply criticizes nearly $1 billion in public money funding religious schools that reject modern science. He also cites fundamentalist attacks on the TV show, Cosmos, as an example of the ridiculous war some Christians are waging against science.

“Nature’s laws are God’s laws; we ignore them at our peril,” says Dowd. “We learn about nature’s laws through science, not the Bible. The future is calling us to greatness, and humanity must now answer the call.”

Dowd accuses far-right-wing groups such as The Cornwall Alliance, Focus on the Family, and Answers in Genesis, of confusing Christians about climate science and forming “an unholy alliance with corporate polluters.” Cornwall Alliance has been linked to big oil, like ExxonMobil and conservative groups. They are also some of the biggest climate deniers out there, and attack Christian groups who try to raise awareness about the perils of environmental destruction.

Not surprisingly, E. Cal Beisner, founder and national spokesman for the Cornwall Alliance, responded to Dowd on OneNewsNow, “We are very much pro-science, which is why we have a large number of scientists among our group of roughly 60 scholars in the Cornwall Alliance network, theologians and scientists and economists. It’s actually the pro-global warming alarmist camp that is anti-real science.”

I have to wonder, how many scientists outside of the Cornwall Alliance actually support what Beisner is saying?

Here are the facts: the amount of greenhouse gases being emitted by human-driven cars and human-controlled power plants are trapping heat in our atmosphere and changing Earth’s weather patterns. You can believe whatever you want to believe, and conservative groups like the Cornwall Alliance can fund studies to hide the science and mislead people. But facts are facts — humans are causing climate change.

We don’t know when things will hit a tipping point, what all the negative effects will be, and how fast things will happen, but does that mean we shouldn’t do anything about it? Should we really reject science as evil? Should we really turn our backs to this growing problem and put our kids’ and our grandkids’ lives in jeopardy? The answer is no — God gave gave us a responsibility to take care of creation and we can’t do that if we hide our heads in the sand.

We look back at the religious persecutors of Galileo and we laugh at their stubborn theories that the sun revolved around the earth. Let’s not laugh at science anymore. At the very least it’ll make you look dumb. At the very most, it will destroy creation.

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Source: Michael Dowd

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