What Would Ganesha Drive?

"Painting of Gaṇeśa riding on his vehicle, the Indian rat or bandicoot. With his trunk Gaṇeśa nuzzles a 'laddu', his favourite sweetmeat that is responsible for his protruding belly. His ample waist is adorned by a large snake, an animal associated with his father Śiva. Gaṇeśa is dressed in a finely designed textile. An attendant appears behind with a parasol. Made on laid and water-marked European paper, dated 1816." [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsThis week we’re contemplating what vehicles our gods, prophets, and religious teachers would drive. One that’s been of particular interest to me is the Hindu god, Ganesha. The deity with the elephant head and human body is often pictured riding a mouse, known as Mushika, in paintings, statues, and figurines. But what if he wanted to trade in his mouse vāhana for a motor vehicle? What would Ganesha drive?

To answer that question, we may want to delve a little deeper into why Ganesha rides Mushika. A mouse hardly seems like a fitting ride for the well-fed, rather large, son of Shiva and Parvati; especially when the other gods have such cool rides, like Shiva and his bull and Karthikeyan, Ganesha’s brother, and his peacock.

Thankfully, I found a very helpful video curtesy of Rajshri Kids to explain Ganesha’s choice.


According to the video, Mushika was a very irritating creature before he became Ganesha’s ride. He made so much noise and caused such a ruckus that the leader of the ashram where Mushika lived decided to pray to Ganesha for help. Ganesha, with his intelligence, trapped the mouse and decided to make the mouse his form of transport. Once Mushika was carrying Ganesha’s weight, he came to his senses and was easier to control.

So what kind of vehicle could be as annoying as an untamed Mushika? Well, perhaps that noisy machine that speeds past your house late at night with an engine so loud it wakes your dog, your baby, and your sleeping grandma without her hearing aid — the badass of all vehicles, the form of transport your mother warned you about, the . . . motorcycle!

But if an intelligent deity like Ganesha drove a motorcycle, it wouldn’t be the loud, irritating kind. It would be a bike that transcended stupid idioms like “loud pipes save lives” and that actually made both the driver and the community happy. It would be an electric motorcycle like the sleek looking WAATMAN, the first Voxan-designed electric motorcycle. Or maybe a Brammo Empulse, which is both electric and “one badass electric motorcycle” according to Gas2.

I think it’s time for Ganesha to upgrade from his four-legged, furry ride to a two-wheeled, sleek electric motorcycle. Hopefully, the gods will grant him a helmet that fits.

Check out the other rides we’ve picked for Jesus, Zeus, Buddha, and Moses. And let us know what you think Ganesha would drive.

Thanks to all the Reddit users who helped inform this post!

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