Hey! Environmentalism Is a Christian Value Too!

Last weekend Christian conservatives and fundamentalist republicans gathered at the Value Voters Conference in DC.  The agenda was… interesting.  Sessions included:  Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition! and The War on Football:  Saving America’s Game.  It’s hard to see how Christianity, guns, and football are related, but maybe I’d be more enlightened if I’d actually attended.

Not that I ever would.

No, I feel that I can gain a better moral education far away from these charades.  (Seriously, Michele Bachmann and Ted Cruz, if Jesus was to give his Sermon on the Mount again, do you really think the would discuss guns and football?)

As a long-time environmental advocate and spiritual person, I’m upset that environmentalism isn’t a “value” that is discussed at these conferences.  Despite what people may think – and by people I mean Bachmann, Cruz, democrats, Christians, PETA members,… all of us – the Scriptures are actually pro-environment.

After the Fall, God’s Creation changed from the all-providing Garden of Eden, to the environment we see today.  The Creation suffered the consequences of human sin.  But it can also enjoy the fruits of human deliverance if Christians make the connection between God’s Creation and the resurrection.  

Values are subjective and hard to define, but I’d like to see attendees at the Value Voters Conference consider these thoughts.  If you’re calling yourself a Christian and are purporting to educate Christians on Christian values, don’t cherry pick the values that are just meant to piss off the liberals.

I mean, come on.  Drop the guns, footballs, and microphones.  Do you really think Jesus would paint his face blue, take off his shirt, and in a drunken fit of passion “go apoplectic” for a touchdown?  Well, maybe if it was a Hail Mary.

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I'm an organic-eating, energy-saving naturalist who composts and tree hugs in her spare time. I have a background in environmental law, lobbying, and field work. I believe in God; however, I do not call myself a Christian or a Jew or a member of any religion. I am merely someone who finds a spiritual connection to all humans and the environment. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and .