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Creepy Pictures of Kids Watching TV

“…when media and the digital world become omnipresent, their influence can stop people from learning how to live wisely, to think deeply and to love generously. In this context, the great sages of the past run the risk of going unheard amid the noise and distractions of an information overload. Efforts need to be made […]

July 27th

Inspirational Quotes and Photos of Mountains

Here are five inspirational photos of mountains to take your breath away as we head into the coming weekend. Verses from the Holy Quran are overlaid on each image, for a little extra inspiration. Sometimes a little armchair exploring is nice because it helps us get away even when circumstances won’t allow us to travel […]

August 30th

10 Photos That Will Inspire You to Protect the Planet

B&H Wilderness has just announced the winners of its 2014 photo competition! Jamie MacArthur of the United Kingdom took home the grand prizeĀ for “A Splash of Blue” — a perfectly timed shot of a rare bird snatching up a fish with its beak. Along with a $500 B&H gift card, MacArthur won a once-in-a-lifetime safari […]

June 26th

Rachel Sussman Photographs “The Oldest Living Things”

Despite what some creationists may think, the Earth has been around much, much, much longer than 4,000 years. We not only have radiocarbon dating that tells us that the Earth is approximately 4.5-billion-years-old, but Rachel Sussman’s new book, The Oldest Living Things in the World, now offers photographic proof that organisms thatĀ pre-date Genesis are still […]

May 6th