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Badiuzzaman: Building Bridges Between Science & Religion (Part 2)

Originally published on Living in the Ottoman Empire at the end of the 19th century where a swirling of ideological clashes and philosophical quarrels of concepts took place, the Kurdish Sunni Imam Badiuzzaman Said Nursi was steadily moving in his enlightened way in unwavering footsteps based upon two pillars: science and religion. In the […]

May 23rd

Confucius on Heaven, Earth, and Humanity

Continuing with EdenKeeper’s Saturday series on creation and nature in Sacred Scriptures, this week’s focus is on Confucius and Confucianism. The Analects, Mencius, The Great Learning, and The Doctrine of the Mean are the four books commonly referred to as the Confucian Canon. Three of the four books within the Confucian Canon are traditionally attributed […]

January 24th

Searching for Quality of Life in Immortality

Earlier this year, I wrote about The Immortalists, a great documentary that gives the viewer some entertaining insight into the quest for longer, or possibly eternal, lives. It also opens the floor up to questions about the validity of this quest, particularly regarding the aspect of overpopulation. While I was reading about the lifestyles of […]

November 4th

Is This Utopia? A Look at Fox’s New Series

Despite my awareness of the possible negative effects of watching TV — antisociality, heightened materialism, “brain-rot,” etc. — I still do it. For one reason, as fans of the The Wire or Breaking Bad explain, television has gotten really good, approaching cinematic levels of quality. But more importantly, when taken in moderate doses, with a […]

October 18th

History of the People Through Nature

In a previous post on Norman Cohn’s The Pursuit of the Millennium, I discussed the theme of pursuing a better future. I’d like to return to it to voice my concern with the book’s focus on leaders to define history. Should we let individuals tell our story, or the people? Cohn writes the history of millennial […]

September 12th

Diogenes of Sinope, an Ancient Athenian Crackpot

“Do you remember the story of Diogenes, the ancient Athenian crackpot?” So begins chapter 1 of Dolly Freed’s Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and With (Almost) No Money. “He was the one who gave away all his possessions because ‘People don’t own possessions, their possessions own them.’ He had a drinking […]

May 23rd