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Monarch Butterflies Show Spiritual Renewal In Nature

  A new season is here, and with that the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. Another mark of Spring is butterflies flying through with their colorful wings. One of the best known is the monarch butterfly. With their gold and black pattern, they are easy to spot and excellent to photograph. They […]

March 24th

A Discussion With Rabbi Ellen Bernstein, the Birth Mother of Jewish Environmentalism

The connection between environmentalism and religion is not new. In the 13th century, St. Francis of Assisi preached that humans have a duty to both love and protect Creation and the Muslim poet, Rumi, described the beauties of nature. In the 16th century, Kabbalists practiced rituals to enliven Creation and bring God’s blessing into the […]

October 21st

Eden Keeper and Rabbi Katy Allen Host a Webinar March 12

Eden Keeper is excited to announce its first webinar on March 12, 2014 at 2:00pm EST! During the event, Rabbi Katy Z. Allen will discuss how we can transform our environmental fears into productive environmental action. Allen is the founder of Ma’yan Tikvah — A Wellspring of Hope, an independent, Jewish congregation in Massachusetts that worships outside […]

February 28th

Loss and Transformation: Earth Grieving

By Rabbi Katy Z. Allen I teach a class called Loss & Transformation: Connecting Sacred Texts to Family Stories to Help Deal with Loss, in which I set forth a theology of how our losses can lead us to be transformed, and how the joining of the stories of our familial ancestors with texts of Jewish […]

January 13th