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Verses and Images on Daoism, Nature, Yin, and Yang

Although the Chinese government banned Daoism in 20th century China, the practice is no longer banned and monasteries are re-establishing all over China. It is this very process of reconciliation, reintegration, and renewal of respect for all people that EdenKeeper is celebrating in this Saturday series on sacred scriptures. Life on Earth is an all-encompassing […]

January 31st

Eco-Inspirational Pomegranate From Paradise

There’s more to the pomegranate than meets the eye. After all the health benefits scientists have discovered in this beloved, bright-red fruit, you might think we have learned all the secrets that pomegranates contain. But this famous fruit inspiring humans from the ancient days of lore still has more to offer. Scientists studying clean fuel […]

July 24th

Glorious Grapes and Their Heavenly and Earthly Benefits

The Glorious Grape, known to Muslims as one of the divine foods found in Heaven, is enjoyed for its sweet, cool, juicy taste. But the benefits of the grape extend beyond our sensory delights. They provide amazing health benefits. Perhaps that is why they were one of the original fruits given to us in the […]

July 17th