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A Hindu Perspective on Respecting Mother Nature

Like the western idea of “Mother Nature”, the Hindu concept of Divine Mother takes both beneficent and destructive forms. In the Hindu pantheon, the feminine aspect of God ranges from the goddesses Lakshmi and Parvati– incarnations of beauty, bestowers of wealth and harmony — to Durga and Kali, powerful warrior-protectors replete with weaponry and for […]

June 16th

Ganges River Receives Help From Holy Men

The Ganges, or Ganga as it’s known in India, is considered a source of spiritual purification for devout Hindus. They believe that the river is a goddess who gives life, rejuvenates, and liberates. She was brought to Earth to purify souls and release them to heaven. But she is far from pure herself. The Ganges […]

June 13th

How Gandhi’s Teachings Can Save Our Environment

India has a rich history and culture that draws people from around the world. People travel to the country to find spiritual enlightenment at yoga retreats and ashrams on the banks of the Ganges River. They marvel at the colorful art, the soaring Himalayas, and the spicy and flavorful cuisine. And they hope to learn […]

June 10th