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Interfaith Wisdom for Our Modern Times

Wisdom has built her house, she has hewn her seven pillars. She has prepared her food, she has mixed her wine; she has also set her table. (Proverbs 9:1) When Akbar the Great built the Ibidat Khana, or “House of Worship” in the city of Fatehpur Sikri, India during the 16th century, he intended to […]

June 25th

China Issues First Buddhist Edict Protecting Wildlife

Calling upon all Buddhists around the country, the China Buddhist Association has issued a landmark declaration for Buddhists to “obey rules and laws on wildlife protection, to refrain from participating in any killing or trade of wildlife.” Furthermore, the edict requests Chinese Buddhists to “refuse to buy and use wildlife products such as ivory and […]

January 13th

Faith Ecology Network – Stars of Religious Enlightenment

In another contribution to EdenKeeper’s series on “What is Religious Enlightenment?” we want to introduce the Faith Ecology Network, based in Australia. An exciting example of enlightened members of diverse faiths joining together in common purpose, the FEN offers interfaith environmental enthusiasm and inspiration that is widely appreciated by all of us. Encouraging people of […]

December 27th

Sikh Hymns Illuminate Creation and Creator

Highly venerated, the Guru Granth Sahib is the central religious text of Sikhism. It is regarded by Sikhs to be the “living” embodiment of the light, or “jyot” of the ten Sikh gurus, and is considered as the final and perpetual guru. Composed between 1469 and 1708, the Guru Granth Sahib is a collection of […]

December 20th

Jewish Ecologist, Rabbi Ellen Bernstein

College is a place and time when we have revelations in our lives. We are studying material and examining our place in the world. For many, there could be spiritual awakenings and important issues that grab our attention. One woman experienced both. Ellen Bernstein was a student at UC Berkley searching for truth and understanding […]

September 9th

The Buddhist Ecological Movement

In Buddhism we see no real direct reference to environmental concerns or damage in the teachings. This can lead to feelings that Buddhism is not really interested in environmental issues, as Buddhism has espoused non-action and no attachment to this world. People have misunderstood this to mean a lack of interest in the environment. This […]

July 9th