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The Buddhist Ecological Movement

In Buddhism we see no real direct reference to environmental concerns or damage in the teachings. This can lead to feelings that Buddhism is not really interested in environmental issues, as Buddhism has espoused non-action and no attachment to this world. People have misunderstood this to mean a lack of interest in the environment. This […]

July 9th

What Would Buddha Drive?

At EdenKeeper we aren’t afraid of providing affirmative answers to your deep theological questions. We’ve analyzed the Bible and told you what Jesus would drive if he was still performing miracles and healing the afflicted today. We looked closely at Greek mythology and figured out that Zeus would drive a Chevy (thunder)Volt when he wanted […]

March 25th

Buddhism and Nature

When speaking about a monk who had chosen to practice in the forest, Buddha said: And when he lives in a remote abode his mind is not distracted by unsuitable visible objects, and so on.  He is free from anxiety; he abandons attachments to life; he enjoys the taste of the bliss of seclusion  . […]

January 6th

Getting to Know Eco-Spirituality

When I tell people about EdenKeeper they are often surprised that someone is trying to make a spiritual connection to the environment. “Christians aren’t really environmental,” they say, or “Do you mean like worshipping Mother Earth?” If I use the word “religion” instead of “spiritual” when explaining Eden Keeper, that opens the door to a […]

December 11th