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The Religious Roots of American Environmentalism

The following is reprinted with permission from Religion Dispatches. Follow RD on Facebook or Twitter for daily updates and be sure to check out RD’s cool, new science section, The Cubit, which examines the intersection between science, religion, technology, and ethics. By Lauren Sutton What do the Mad Max franchise, protests of the Keystone pipeline, and […]

June 16th

Faith Ecology Network – Stars of Religious Enlightenment

In another contribution to EdenKeeper’s series on “What is Religious Enlightenment?” we want to introduce the Faith Ecology Network, based in Australia. An exciting example of enlightened members of diverse faiths joining together in common purpose, the FEN offers interfaith environmental enthusiasm and inspiration that is widely appreciated by all of us. Encouraging people of […]

December 27th

Native American Sweat Lodges Connect With Mother Earth

Holistic activities promoting good health and peace of mind are becoming more popular as people seek to relieve stress and reconnect with the natural world. As with yoga and meditation, the ages-old Native American practice of using a sweat lodge can be a useful therapy for mind, body, and soul, too. Conducted properly and safely, the […]

November 11th

Nature as a Door to Spirit

Many articles on EdenKeeper elucidate principles found in a wide spectrum of spiritual philosophies supporting reverence and care for the natural environment. What may not be as clear is the role that the natural environment can play in awakening an individual to the all-pervasive presence of spirit. Relentless urban living affects the ability to connect […]

August 28th

Persian Poet Hafiz Finds Spirituality in Nature

By chance, while thinking about my last post, I picked up an intriguing old book, Anthology of Islamic Literature, from 1964. I leafed through the watermarked pages and happened to stop at the section on the Persian poet Hafiz (Wikipedia spells it “Hafez,” but we’ll go with the book here, for consistency’s sake), which turned out […]

June 9th

Want Your Mind Blown? Read “Godless Environmentalism”

The nature of reality is that God, for our own good, simply will not consent to be severed from the world. This quote, as disconcerting as it is comforting, hit me hard as I began reading Godless Environmentalism by David Page. On one hand, it implies that we, as humans, need protection or else we will perish […]

April 25th

The National Religious Partnership for the Environment

By Steve Theunissen We’ve covered the connection between environmentalism and Judeo-Christian thought elsewhere on EdenKeeper. In Genesis, God gave humans dominion over the Earth.  But this doesn’t mean that humans have absolute rule and can subjugate the environment.  Instead, humans must act as stewards of the environment, actively trying to benefit the planet as we better our […]

December 18th

Getting to Know Eco-Spirituality

When I tell people about EdenKeeper they are often surprised that someone is trying to make a spiritual connection to the environment. “Christians aren’t really environmental,” they say, or “Do you mean like worshipping Mother Earth?” If I use the word “religion” instead of “spiritual” when explaining Eden Keeper, that opens the door to a […]

December 11th