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Summary of Pope’s Environmental Encyclical

Pope Francis has released the first ever papal encyclical focused solely on the environment. The document titled, “Praised Be: On Care for Our Common Home” describes environmentalism as a moral duty for everyone — not just a religious duty for Catholics, or a matter of politics or economics. The much-anticipated, hotly debated, and hugely influential 184-page […]

June 19th

Pope’s Environmental Encyclical Leaked Early by Catholic Conservative

In what the Vatican has called a “heinous act,” Italian Magazine L’Espresso leaked a draft of Pope Francis’s much-anticipated environmental encyclical on Monday, breaking an embargo on the document set for Thursday. The draft version is in Italian; no official English translation is available. But The Washington Post took a crack at translating portions of the 192-page […]

June 16th

Pope’s Environmental Encyclical: What We Know So Far

Pope Francis (Photo available on Flickr) Last Saturday, Salesian Father Guiseppe Costa, director of the Vatican publishing house, told reporters that the much-anticipated papal encyclical on the environment will be titled “Laudato Sii” (Praised be), and will be released June 16th. While the Vatican press office declined to confirm Fr. Costa’s statements, his leak turned […]

June 3rd

Sacred Places in the Bible Need Our Protection

Recently, one First Nations woman in Canada successfully blocked a caravan of trucks and men on their way to destroy Little Fish Lake — a sacred place for her people. When she calmly asked a driver to turn around, he threatened to run her over. But she stood her ground and managed to protect the […]

June 2nd

In Canada, Christians Take Climate Justice on Tour

There is a growing movement among Christian groups, both big and small, to link their duty to care for “the least of these” with their duty to care for creation. And now, in Canada, that movement is getting a louder voice. For the past two months, Citizens for Public Justice (CJP) and the Canadian Council of […]

May 27th

Jeb Bush Praises Faith-Based Environmentalism

So far the Republican pool of 2016 presidential candidates isn’t very climate friendly. Perhaps to prove how dumb he is, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) called himself a modern-day Galileo for denying climate science. Senator Marc Rubio (R-FL) has denied any human influence on global warming. And, despite being a self-proclaimed “crunchy conservative,” Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has complained […]

May 13th

Energy Efficiency for the Climate and the Poor

Helping the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized is a central tenet in the Christian gospel. The command to care for “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40) has inspired organizations like Christian Aid to help the poor, Habitat for Humanity to provide shelter for the vulnerable, and World Vision to support children in need. And, in North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains, the gospel […]

May 12th

Does the Pope Believe Every Sperm Is Sacred?

There is no question that Pope Francis believes Creation is sacred. He has voiced concerns about fracking, dirty mining and unbridled consumerism. He has called exploitation of nature a sin. He has hosted summits and workshops on climate change and called on Catholics to take action. And, in one month, he will publish the much-anticipated papal […]

May 6th