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WWOOF-ing India Week 2: Bugs, Dung, and Darkness

A quick flight and an hour-and-a-half long car ride later, I arrived at Samata’s Mango Tree property adjoining the organic farm ready to WWOOF. In an ongoing humdrum of construction and farm work, I met with Jonathan Benda, the garden manger, who is nothing short of a walking-talking encyclopedia. His agility and confidence has enabled him […]

October 10th

WWOOF-ing India Week 1: City Girl in a Farm World

** Editors Note: Over the next two months, EdenKeeper will feature the personal journal entries of Mahek Shringhey, a self-proclaimed “foodie” from Mumbai, India as she works on an organic farm in Goa and travels to vanilla plantations in southern India. Follow along on her mouth-watering journey as she explores the connection between the stomach, […]

October 3rd

Pacific Crest Trail Week 8: The End?

My knowledge of wilderness first aid is limited. Small batches of elderly ladies from the Red Cross have taught me the basics again and again. There are two things I have found useful to remember. First is the ever-useful R.I.C.E.  (rest, ice, compression, elevation). The second, which only applies if R.I.C.E. doesn’t work and C.P.R. […]

September 19th

An Oasis in the Chaos of Los Angeles

Los Angeles might be a busy city, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t places where you can find peace and solace surrounded by nature. There are some hidden gems in the City of Angels and surrounding areas. One of them welcomes people of all faiths to become immersed in the rich, beautiful oasis. The Self-Realization […]

September 16th

Top 5 Things I Discovered on the Road to Chicago

I just finished a 3-week, over 3,000-mile long road trip from San Francisco to Chicago. It wasn’t my first trip to see America. After college, my friend and I traveled Route 66 from school in New York City to home in Los Angeles. And about ten years ago, my soon-to-be husband and I quit our […]

September 13th

Pacific Crest Trail Week 7: Appreciation

One of the most amazing things about backpacking is the appreciation one gets for the simple creature comforts in life. There are many things about modern civilization that I don’t ever miss. But hot showers, fresh food, clean clothing, and running water never get old. When one has these things taken away, they become even […]

September 12th

Pacific Crest Trail: A Mother’s Perspective

** Editors Note: We are currently running a series on Suzanne Hessler’s journey along the Pacific Crest Trail. Her mother reached out to us and asked if we’d share her thoughts. After reading what she had to say, we were quite moved by the emotion behind her words. As enlightening and inspiring as it may […]

September 11th