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Magic, But Not In Black and White

The occult has traditionally enjoyed a mixed, often lukewarm at best, reception among organized religions. Chaos Magic, a relatively recently developed postmodern occult tradition which emphasizes the pragmatic use of belief systems, seems unlikely to buck the trend. (Add to that Chaos Magic’s mutual feelings towards religion.) But by taking an objective approach, we can […]

December 26th

Sikh Hymns Illuminate Creation and Creator

Highly venerated, the Guru Granth Sahib is the central religious text of Sikhism. It is regarded by Sikhs to be the “living” embodiment of the light, or “jyot” of the ten Sikh gurus, and is considered as the final and perpetual guru. Composed between 1469 and 1708, the Guru Granth Sahib is a collection of […]

December 20th

Thoreau’s Life in the Woods

Throughout Thoreau’s philosophy one can see a sort of neo-Taoism, specifically a way of understanding “higher” thought, spiritual and otherwise, through his reverance of nature: “It is something to be able to paint a particular picture, or to carve a statue, and so to make a few objects beautiful; but it is far more glorious […]

December 15th

Creation in the Christian New Testament Bible

There’s only one Earth, and to protect it from the damages that human beings are inflicting upon it, we must compel ourselves and each other to work together. Adopting a common purpose to protect our environment among people who are widely differing may not seem like an easy task. But understanding and accepting people with […]

December 13th

This Storm Video Will Blow You Away

Today, the worst storm in five years in hitting California. Fifty thousand residents of are without power, schools in San Francisco are cancelled, and as much as 8 inches of rain could fall on coastal mountains over a 24-hour period. While mudslides, flooding, and power outages are no fun, most Californians agree that the rain […]

December 11th

Tree Cathedral in Italy Celebrates Nature

From the Sagra Familia in Barcelona, to the Buddhist cave temples, architects and artists around the world have used nature to inspire beautiful places of worship. But Italian artist Giuliano Mauri has taken the connection between nature and spirituality a step further. In his Cattedrale Vegetale (or Tree Cathedral), the church is not just a […]

December 8th

Creation & Stewardship in the Hebrew & Christian Bible With Images

With the weekend comes the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the simpler things in life. Let the stress of busy weekdays ebb out with Friday’s tide. In what is shaping up into a nice Saturday series, the following Scriptural verses and accompanying images are offered for peaceful contemplation on Creation. Each weekend, God willing, I […]

December 6th

Communal Gardening Realized

Examining the “nature versus nurture” debate in the early 1930s, anthropologist Margaret Mead spent time among the native populations of New Guinea. The results of her studies were published in Sex & Temperament in Three Primitive Societies. Within her studies, Mead describes some interesting habits of the societies in which she lived — manifestations of […]

December 1st