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Creation and Created in Orthodox Understanding

Originally posted on the Diocese of Alaska website The following lecture was given by His Grace Bishop David at the General Conference of the Yukon Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church held in Wasilla, Alaska on Saturday, March 1, 2014.  Today, I would like to give you three references that should help you to understand what we […]

April 9th

A Disposable Life Hurts Our Spirits

By Mica D’Alesandro The next time you’re in the grocery store, look around at the rows and rows of cardboard, tin, aluminum, plastic, and glass containers. Consider your disposable razors, your plastic lighters, tiny water bottles, soda cans, the red cups you drink out of at parties, tissues, paper towels, and sandwich bags. Think about […]

February 26th

Protests in Tibet Continue Despite Chinese Crackdown

By Gina Merlino Many of us feel a tie to a place, whether or not we label that tie spiritual. It is this tie that gives us pride when we call a place our home. It is this tie that causes many of us to protect the land, the water, the air, and the people […]

February 5th

How Climate Change Is Affecting Thoreau’s Walden Pond

By Mica D’Alesandro Henry David Thoreau–one of the founders of the modern, American environmental movement–lived at Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts from 1845 to 1847. During his stay, he kept a journal and recorded everything he witnessed and learned from nature. These recordings inspired the book Walden, and have also recently informed a climate-change study conducted by Boston University […]

February 3rd

Dalai Lama Enlightens Us on a Path to Nature

Pope Francis has been in the news a lot recently for his outspoken social and environmental news. But long before the Pope came out against environmental degradation, the Dalai Lama taught that humans should form a stronger connection to nature. Describing the planet as our house that we live in and need to take care […]

January 28th

How to Meditate and Exercise by Connecting to Nature

By Mica D’Alesandro Wondering how to meditate and exercise? Walking outside is a great and fun way to exercise, untangle your mind, and connect your spirit to the natural world around you. From local parks to state parks, from warm beaches to snowy paths, from cliffs to waterfalls, there is always something to explore that’s […]

January 27th

Unitarian Society of Germantown Upholds Its Creed to Respect Nature

By Gina Merlino Religious groups voicing their stances on social issues is nothing new. But it is not often that we hear about their environmental work and opinions. Ecological responsibility has been slow to make a real impact on places of worship. However, there are signs that green spirituality is slowly growing. One such example is the Unitarian Society of […]

January 17th

Cleaning up 10 Million Pounds of Trash From Our Oceans

By Mica D’Alesando On March 11, 2011, a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami devastated eastern Japan. The disaster claimed nearly 16,000 lives and more are still missing and presumed dead. People around the world gathered in support for the victims of the terrible event.  On the same day, five million tons of wreckage – the remains […]

January 14th