This Storm Video Will Blow You Away


Today, the worst storm in five years in hitting California. Fifty thousand residents of are without power, schools in San Francisco are cancelled, and as much as 8 inches of rain could fall on coastal mountains over a 24-hour period. While mudslides, flooding, and power outages are no fun, most Californians agree that the rain is a good thing; it puts a badly needed dent in the state’s three-year drought.

To celebrate the rainstorm, EdenKeeper found an amazing time-lapse video by Nicolaus Wegner called Stormscapes2. It’s the second in Wegner’s series of storms and mesocyclones. The original Stormscapes was released a few months ago.

It’s hard not to feel the power behind the storms showcased in the video — the lightening dancing in the heavens, the rainbows blessing the Earth after the storm. There seems to be an unwordly quality to them as if some god on a mountaintop hurling lightning bolts, wind, and rain at the land below him. Or maybe it’s just the the power of nature and science that is so captivating.

If rain is on your brain and you want to honor the little gift this storm is bringing to drought-stricken California, check this video out now. Not only will it indulge your storm craving, but it will inspire you to appreciate the power of nature.

News and Photo Source: Slate

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