Pope Francis and Tiny Tim Have a Lot in Common

Photo by Catholic Church England https://flic.kr/p/e3wJ9V

Does anyone share my disgust at the multitude of Black Friday advertisements already starting? When did a trip to Walmart and Best Buy become something to celebrate? Maybe I’m a naive, anti-capitalist, un-American, liberal, but I always thought Thanksgiving was about hanging out with family and friends, eating turkey and pumpkin pie, and going to sleep at 7pm.

Well, I may represent a minority in America, but at least I have the Pope’s support.

In a letter addressed to Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who is chairing this years G20 Leaders’ Summit, Pope Francis called for participants to consider the “constant assaults on the natural environment, the result of unbridled consumerism.” He also called on leaders to address people suffering from malnutrition, a rise in unemployment, and an increase in social exclusion which can lead to criminal activity and recruitment of terrorists.

“It is my hope that a substantial and productive consensus can be achieved regarding the agenda items,” the Pontiff wrote. “I likewise hope that the assessment of the results of this consensus will not be restricted to global indices but will take into account as well real improvements in living conditions of poorer families and the reduction of all forms of unacceptable inequality. I express these hopes in light of the post-2015 Development Agenda to be approved by the current session of the United Nations Assembly, which ought to include the vital issues of decent work for all and climate change.”

Yes, he said climate change!

So the Pope hopes that global leaders should consider how to improve the economy and protect the planet? Wow. Most Americans don’t believe it’s possible to do both. But if the Pope is praying for it, perhaps it can be achieved.

And perhaps we all should take heed of this letter, especially with the insanity-driven consumerism about to slap us across the face. Instead of making people who are barely making a minimum wage leave their families and work grueling, thankless hours this holiday season just so we can buy more junk, how about we concentrate on what truly makes this season great: rest, relaxation, family, friends, good food, ice-skating, the smell of pine needles, and the taste of hot cocoa.

I mean, if the head of the rich, Catholic church is happy receiving a home-made, knitted scarf for Christmas, can’t we all be happy with life’s simpler treasures?

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