Inspirational Quotes and Photos of Mountains

image of inspirational mountains

Here are five inspirational photos of mountains to take your breath away as we head into the coming weekend. Verses from the Holy Quran are overlaid on each image, for a little extra inspiration. Sometimes a little armchair exploring is nice because it helps us get away even when circumstances won’t allow us to travel physically.

All of these mountain photos were found on, a popular photo-sharing platform for photographers and lovers of fine photography. allows users to freely download others’ photos and share across all social media platforms. You can use any photos found on their site, as long as proper credit to the photographer and the photo are included. Users can upload their own photos, interact with other photographers and users, “♥” and vote on favorites, and even purchase prints if desired.

A Mini-Tutorial To DIY

I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 with an android operating system, and it is so liberating to be untethered from the desk! There’s a bit of a learning curve to using your finger instead of a mouse, but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. For this article, I searched for verses about mountains. Islam encourages great respect and love for the natural world, and there are very many references to mountains in the Quran.

Next I searched for mountain photos that seemed to match the verses I chose. After finding what I was looking for, I downloaded and imported them into Phonto, a free app available for android and iPhones that allows text to be overlaid on top of a photograph. Finally I pasted the verses of Quran onto the images and played with the text and shadow colors and other effects until I liked the results. I hope you like inspirational nature photos, too – Happy Friday!

5 Inspirational Mountains:

1. “Sunset Over Hiroshima” by Camille McDermott

2. “Moraine Lake” by Carlo Riswick

3. “Mountains And Valleys” by Teemu Tretjakov

4. “Herd of cows grazing on a background of mountain scenery at sunset” by Olezzo

5. “Silence” by Didier Dumoulin

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