Mosques in United Kingdom Go Green With “Green Up!”

Green Up Toolkit Cover

Green Up! is the first Eco-Award scheme for mosques and Islamic groups in the United Kingdom. It is part of Green Up My Community! a joint campaign with FEMYSO (Federation of Muslim Youth & Student Organisations) across eight European countries.

“We are very excited to be launching this new initiative, something that has never been done at the European level,” says Intissar Kherigi, FEMYSO Vice President. “European Muslim youth have twice the reasons to be green and ethical consumers — based on a shared humanity and based on their faith, which encourages them to care for the earth and for their fellow human beings around the world.”

The parent organization of Green Up! is the Muslim Agency for Development Education in Europe (MADE). MADE is a UK-based Muslim-led movement of young people who want to see their communities leading the fight against global poverty and injustice. As stated on MADE’s website,

“Our response is rooted in the Islamic traditions of social action, justice and environmental stewardship. It’s about being smart, ethical and green in the way we live.

“Our individual choices and actions have a huge impact on the lives of people across the world. By starting with changing ourselves, we can help bring about the world that Islam envisions – a world free from injustice and poverty.”

“Allah does not change the condition of a people unless they change themselves”
[Quran 13:11]

“Putting the Green Back In Our Deen”

The goals of the Green Up! Campaign are to support mosques wanting to become more environmentally sustainable, cutting their carbon footprints, helping to save them money, and helping to protect the planet. As they say, working towards “putting the green back in our deen [religion].” To do this, they are helping mosques identify funding for environmental initiatives in their local area, and are including them in the growing network of masjids that are involved, ensuring they receive updates on new green initiatives, such as the exciting new Cambridge Eco-Mosque.

The Cambridge Eco-Mosque is a new green building project to replace the outdated community mosque in Cambridge. It will be naturally lit throughout the year from the large skylights integrated into the design, in addition to being very well-insulated and heated and cooled using energy efficient and locally generated energy from ground source heat pumps. The latest conservation technologies, as well as green roofs are being used, so that there will be an almost zero carbon footprint.

“The World Is Green and Sweet, and Allah Has Appointed You as Guardians Over It to See How You Behave” – The Prophet Muhammad

The Green Up! Campaign and Eco-Award is an opportunity for Muslims to demonstrate Islam’s leadership on the current environmental crises causing loss of life and widespread destruction of the global natural landscape. After registering and downloading the Green Up! Toolkit, organizations are then contacted to complete a simple assessment form letting Green Up! know more about what they’d like to achieve. The toolkit contains details about the initiatives available to support mosques and groups in their new green efforts.

Green Up! Representatives then visit each group, assisting them with plan formulation. Documentation required to qualify for the Green Up! Award is determined, and collected by participants along the way in their progress. After completion of goals, the Green up! Team returns again, evaluates progress, confirms success, and issues the exciting Green Up! Eco-Award.

An International Host Of Prominent Islamic Leaders Lend Their Support

The Green Up! Eco-Award campaign for mosques and Islamic groups is hosted by many prominent community leaders including:

● Mufti Ismail Menk (Mufti, Zimbabwe)
● Shaykh Waleed Basyouni (Vice President, Al Maghrib Institute)
● Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad (Dean, Cambridge Muslim College)
● Julie Siddiqi (Executive Director of Islamic Society of Britain)
● Farooq Murad (Secretary General of Muslim Council of Britain)
● Ustadha Zaufishan Iqbal (The EcoMuslim)

Green Up!

If you or your mosque are in the UK, consider registering for this great campaign. As part of the Green Up! Scheme you’ll be joining a nationwide community of Muslims who are working hard to live up to Islam’s high environmental standards. God willing, soon all mosques will be eco-mosques!

Green Up My Community!

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