WATCH: A Transformation From Environmental Grief to Environmental Action

Thank you to Rabbi Katy Allen of Ma’yan Tikvah – A Wellspring of Hope in Wayland Massachusetts and all those who joined us in our first ever webinar today: A Transformation From Environmental Grief To Environmental Action.

By showing us pictures of our changing environment and listening to the stories of some of our viewers, Katy helped us embrace the grief we feel for a changing world. One viewer shared that he grew up fishing in the everglades, but after coming home after college he saw that the area was paved over. Another viewer, also from south Florida, said he used to drive past the everglades and see thousands of Rosette Spoonbills. Now there is literally a shopping mall.

These stories make us feel angry and sad. The world of our parents isn’t the way it is now, and the world we know won’t be the same for our kids.

During the webinar Katy gave us hope. She connected our memories to “sacred texts” — both spiritual and nonspiritual — to help us realize, we’re not alone. There’s a beautiful world all around us, every day. We may find our solace in the view from a country road or on a walk past the trees in our neighborhood. When we feel connected to the world around us we can love the realities of the present and maintain hope for the future.

The program was just a short 30 minutes, and Katy did a wonderful job guiding us all through the various emotions and keeping our attention with helpful slides and quotes. She really provided tools we can use everyday when negative environmental news gets us down.

Please watch the program below and let us know in the comments below or on Ma’, Facebook, or Twitter, whether you would like to see more programs on this subject or if you have any questions or concerns.

It was my pleasure hosting Rabbi Katy Allen today — she is a real inspiration for those of us making the spiritual connection to the environment!

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I'm an organic-eating, energy-saving naturalist who composts and tree hugs in her spare time. I have a background in environmental law, lobbying, and field work. I believe in God; however, I do not call myself a Christian or a Jew or a member of any religion. I am merely someone who finds a spiritual connection to all humans and the environment. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and .