Inspiring Nature Photos for a Friday Afternoon

Need some inspiration this Friday afternoon?  Here’s a healthy dose of inspiring nature photos to get you through the rest of the day and get you out of the house this weekend.  Enjoy!

Inspiring Nature Photo 1:  A Tree Frog Riding on a Beetle

© Nicolas Reusens Boden, Sweden, Entry, Open Nature & Wildlife, 2014 Sony World Photography AwardsOne of this year’s early entries for the Sony World Photography Awards is a perfectly-timed photo of a tree frog proudly riding a beetle. Photographer Nicolas Reusens Boden states, “Although controlled, this shot was not prepared at all, I was performing a workshop with the agalychnis callidryas treefrog from Costa Rica when the frog managed to jump to the branch where this huge titan was sleeping…I had my gear ready so I only had to change a few settings and shoot…the rest is history.”

Inspiring Nature Photo 2:  The Grand Canyon and Fog

Photo credit Erin Whittaker/National Park ServiceAt the Grand Canyon National Park a rare weather phenomenon called a temperature inversion created a surreal blanket of fog.  National Park staffers said that when it first arrived last Friday, the scene was among the most dramatic in the park in decades.  A meteorologist for the National Weather Service said that this was the 12th such inversion to collect over the area since 1952.

Inspiring Nature Photo 3:  Whales, Sea Lions, Dolphins, and Birds Enjoying a Seafood Buffet

2013 © Peggy Stap / / NMFS Permit 15621It began with miles of anchovies.  Then thousands of sea lions came.  Pelicans and dolphins showed up.  And then humpbacks and orcas crashed the party.  For almost three months, Monterey and nearby coastal areas in California have played host to a mammoth convocation of sea life that scientists here say is unprecedented in their memories.  And they’re all there for the seafood buffet.

Inspiring Nature Photo 4: Stunning Ice Castles

Photo by: Joseph SchufmanBrent Christiansen, the creator of the Ice Castle, is the genius behind this, and many more, stunning sculptures.  Christiansen and his team arrange icicles and then drench them in freezing water.  Mother nature takes it from there, with changing temperatures, water volume, and wind.  The partnership creates amazing results.  This year, you can visit an Ice Castle in Colorado, New Hampshire, and Utah.

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